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Technical divers in Mexico have a place to dive and what to see. From the mainland of the Caribbean Sea in the area of Playa Del Carmen, there is a dive site called The Wall, going to a depth of more than 100 meters. Cozumel Island is famous for its reefs that turn into vertical walls. Here, on almost every site, you can dive decompression dive to any depth. Among the cenotes are Kaan Luum, The Pit, Angelita, Zapote. We invite everyone who wants to learn technical diving to attend TDI courses. We offer a full range of courses from Initial Intro to Tec to Advanced Trimix Diver.

Structure of all TDI courses

Core Courses
Intro to Tech
Advanced Nitrox
Semi Closed Rebreather
Advanced Trimix
Deco Procedures
Extended Range
Air Diluent CCR
Helitrox CCR
Mixed Gas CCR
Advanced Mixed Gas CCR
Advanced Wreck
Cave Surveying
Stage Cave
Diver Propulsion Vehicle
Air Diluent Deco–CCR
TDI Instructor Trainer
Rebreather Intro to Cave
Rebreather Full Cave
TDI Non-Diving Speciality Instructor
Nitrox Blender
Advanced Blender
02 Service Tech
Intro to Cave
Full Cave
Rebreather Cavern
TDI Divemaster
TDI Instructor
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Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
Cave diving TDI
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