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If you have never scuba dived, but dreamed about it, our dive center offers introductory dives for those who have not yet completed the training course and are not certified as a diver. This is an opportunity to try diving before deciding whether to enroll in a course or just to see the amazing underwater world if you really want to today.

The duration of the dive is 30-45 minutes, the maximum depth is not more than 12 meters. During this time you will have time to get acquainted with the main inhabitants of the waters of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the amazing feeling of weightlessness. You can also order underwater photos and video shooting of your first acquaintance with the underwater world from us.
1/2 dive at Casa Cenote
130/150 USD
1/2 dive into the sea
130 USD
10+ years
No contraindications for health reasons
Preparatory lecture
Equipment, training
No more than 4 people in a group
Prices include the necessary equipment, transfer to and from the dive site, entrance to paid dive sites, drinking water and fruit.

The first dive

Requirements for admission to the course:
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