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Technical diving in Mexico: Learning Tec TDI

Technical divers in Mexico know where to dive and what to see. Here’s a few of our favorite spots for the deep-immersion lovers:

  • Off the mainland coast of the Caribbean Sea in the Playa del Carmen area, there’s a dive site called The Wall that goes down more than 100 meters (330 feet).
  • Cozumel island is famous for its drop offs, vertical reef walls. Here, almost at every site, you can do a decompression dive to any depth.
  • Cenotes are dips; some of them look like natural pits or huge wells that are 40-50 meters deep, some even up to 85 meters deep. Among the most infamous of them are: Kaan Luum, The Pit, Angelita, and Zapote.

For deep immersion lovers, we’d be ecstatic to organize your diving experience, and those who want to learn technical diving, are welcome to sign up for TDI courses.

We do a full range of courses from the initial Intro and Tec to the Advanced Trimix Diver. Please follow this link to find prices for all technical TDI courses.

The structure of all TDI courses for your reference:

Cave diving in Mexico: Cave Diver TDI Training

Mexico is a paradise for cave divers. According to some technical specialists, the total length of the Yucatan Peninsula cave system is about 2000 km. In the beginning of 2018, a research team managed to connect two of the largest underwater cave systems in Mexico, known as Sac Actun and Dos Ojos based in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. That discovery makes the Sac Actun system the longest in the world (about 347 km of connected tunnels, galleries and passages).

Prior to this, the longest underwater cave system in the world was the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, USA. Currently, the deepest explored cave in Mexico is called The Pit, with a depth of 119 m (the cave belongs to Dos Ojos cave system).

Cave systems and cenotes are continuously being explored and mapped daily.  Expeditions are being organized, and new artifacts are being found, however most of the cenotes are located in impenetrable jungles with no roads, and getting to them is possible only if you’re using a machete. All this requires great effort amount of effort, significant financial investment and great enthusiasm.

Having been qualified as a cave diver, you can become one of these explorers and visit places where, perhaps, no man has stepped foot before.

Cave courses consist of three levels (courses). Three separate certificates are issued:

  1. Cavern diver: dives in grottos where daylight can be seen.
  2. Cave diver: dives following the main guideline in the parts of the cave where daylight no longer penetrates
  3. Full cave diver: dives into caves with no limitation.
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TDI Certifications

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TDI Cavern Diver Course

2 Days

The goal of the course is to teach a diver the correct propulsion technique in the overhead environment, dive planning, and the basics of working with a guideline. During the training, special attention is paid to the hazards and risks,…

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Intro To Cave Diver TDI Course

2-3 Days

The purpose of the Intro To Cave Diver course is to master the technical methods required for diving into caves with a maximum depth of 40 m (130 feet). In this course, a student learns to dive while following the…

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Full Cave Diver TDI Course

4-5 Days

This is the third and most advanced level of cave diving. The purpose of this course is to expand and improve on the skills obtained during the Cavern Diver and Intro To Cave Diver courses by diving into caves. During…

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