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Mexico is truly a paradise for cave divers. The total length of all cave systems in the Yucatan Peninsula is estimated to be about 3000 km, by some experts. The second largest in the world, cave system Sac Actun, is located right here and is approximately 318 km long. The cave system, Ox-Bel-Xa, the second longest in length in Mexico, includes about 140 cenotes and has about 265 km of surveyed passages. The deepest explored cave in Mexico, The Pit, has a depth of 119 m. The Pit is also part of an 82 km long cave system, Dos Ojos, and is connected by a dry passage with the Sac Actun system.

Cave systems and cenotes are continuously explored and mapped, to this very day. Quite often expeditions are organized, new artifacts are found, and most of the cenotes are located in impenetrable jungle where there are no roads, and getting there is nearly impossible except on foot, using a machete to make your path. All of this requires a great amount of effort, considerable financial investment, and of course a great deal of enthusiasm.

Best Seasons:Year Round
Popular Location:Playa Del Carmen, Tulum

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    If you’re a certified cave diver, we can organize cave diving in the caves of Mexico by standard routes. Also, you can apply and take part in a real research expedition! Latest cave diving news from Mexico (January 2018). The…

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