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Adventure Tours

At Dive Guru, it's our dedication to the quality of experience for every single one of our tours and every person that has the opportunity to share with us in the joys that the amazing underwater world has to offer that truly sets us apart. Our years and years of experience and successful dives around the world creates a beautiful blend of professionalism and fun that we impart to all of our new and experienced divers that come to the Mayan Riviera for an adventure experience that they will remember for a lifetime!

Explore The World Below The Surface

Our dive center in Mexico teaches diving to clients from every part of the world and our experienced and professional guides teach PADI and TDI courses in many languages such as Russian, English, Spanish and Latvian. Our beautiful planet is covered with water approximately 71%, of the surface and the bottom of the Worlds Oceans are less studied than the surface of the Moon! Every year scientists discover new, previously unknown species of marine organisms and fish which means diving is a uniquely explorative, beautiful, interesting, fun and informative adventure! We believe that people who go diving frequently get to experience more of this beautiful world, they travel more, get to experience many different cultures from around the world and have so much fun and adventures.

Amazing Training

Learn the right way right from the start.

We help you get it right the first time!

Motivation is very important in diving. It is important for us to know your motivation for taking this diving training. Before we start teaching, we like ask the students why did you decide to go diving?

To get the best possible experience you should be willing to learn, and then we can start to teach you. It is impossible to teach a person if he does not want to learn. We do not train unmotivated people, this should be fun for all!

One of the big things we've noticed over the years according to our experience is that a dive instructor faces the problem of re-training his own students. For example, if a person completed the initial dive course PADI OWD and began to gain dive experience, to travel to different seas and oceans.

Then a year passes, maybe even two and after that decides to come back as an ``experienced/advanced diver`` to do technical courses and says: ``teach me``. At this point instructor usually answers: ``Forget what I taught you earlier, now everything should be done in a different way. New equipment configuration, different hoses position, new skills, etc.``

In this regard, we decided to train all diving courses starting from Open Water Diver to the technical Advanced Trimix Diver, as well as instructor courses, in a unified Bill Hogarth gear configuration.


We Know Diving

Mastering the art of diving adventure for 10+ years around the world!

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Sergiy Malyy

Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. Since childhood, he’s been fond of various sports. In 2000 he began diving and received the first diving certificate. Then, he became a PADI Instructor in 2006, and a TDI in 2007. In the beginning, diving was just a hobby for Sergiy, but soon after it quickly turned into a job and an exhilerating way of life. For 10 years, he also lived in a small Bedouin village called Dahab (Egypt, the Red Sea). In 2013 he became TDI course director. Sergiy is very happy doing what he enjoys, and that includes teaching recreational and technical diving from beginner to instructor level. He’s also fond of underwater photography and video shooting.

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Gunita Malaja

Born and raised in the city of Riga, Latvia. Gunita’s been diving since 2003 and is now a professional diver, PADI and TDI instructor. On top of that, she’s also a Medical First Aid course director. Gunita has also organized one of the largest dive centers in Latvia named ``Big Fish``, which still operates to this day. Fun fact: Gunita’s trained more than five hundred people including the President of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers. Gunita is also able to teach in three languages: Russian, Latvian and English.

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Elena Oblovatskaya

Elena is originally from Ukraine. She is world traveler and a dive professional since 2011. Now she is PADI instructor and full cave diver. She has been working in many countries before: in Philippines, Egypt, Cambodia, Indonesia, UAE. Now she is a part of our team. Her happy smile will always encourage you to do impossible! She speaks Russian, English and some Spanish.